Virtually Besties with Tessa B.

My sweet friend, Tessa, loves all girly pop culture things, like Disney, Fashion Police (RIP) and yoga videos on YouTube, so I asked her to write about some of the best and newest shows coming to E!. Today, she write about Grace Helbig’s new show, The Grace Helbig Show.

grace helbig

Grace Helbig is the awkward older sister of YouTube. She’s taken the online video platform by storm with over 2.1 million subscribers, including yours truly. Helbig creates, shoots, and edits three videos weekly ranging from reviews, Q&As, tutorials, monthly favorites, and collaborations with other YouTubers. Every Friday (or Saturday) she posts FriDIARY, a behind-the-scenes vlog-style look at her life that week. Helbig was one of the first YouTubers that I subscribed to because she’s just so funny, original, relatable, and everything you’d want in a best friend. Some of my favorite videos of hers include How to Handle Haters and Spring Trends 2015.
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Have a great weekend!


Hope you all have some fun plans for this weekend! I’m going to relax, go to yoga a lot and try to get some work done. Here are some things you can do this weekend…

I just ordered this book. It’s supposed to be a thriller,just like Gone Girl!

Downtown Abbey announced that the sixth season will be their last! Sob.

The X-Files is back after a “13 year commercial break.”

Everyone is talking about Angelina Jolie’s op-ed in the New York Times. It’s definitely worth a read.

I would be remiss not to post about the hundreds of people suffering from “Zayn Flu.” Is anyone else distressed that Zayn Malik has left One Direction?

Girls season finale “Home Birth” has a rebirth of its own


Lena Dunham’s show, Girls, wrapped its fourth season on Sunday night. Did you watch? It was (in my opinion) the best episode of this season, largely because of the growing we see Hannah do. In an uncharacteristic move, Lena Dunham ends season four with a much different ending that any of the prior three season finales. With a birth (of a baby). And with the rebirth of her character. (Spoilers below!)
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Friday Wrap-up


It’s Friday! Is anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I’m going to see Hairspray at the theater down the street and going out for spicy Vietnamese noodles! Here’s some stuff to read, watch and listen to over the weekend…

Modest Mouse released their first album in seven years! Take a listen here.

March Madness means that it’s appropriate to watch I Hate Christian Laettner without feeling bad.

A great write up of why Cinderella is such a classic.

If you’re not already watching Jane the Virgin, why not?!

Some updates on Robert Durst and Andrew Jarecki after The Jinx finale.

And Amy Schumer is always so great.

Kanye Corner: A Regular Column About All Things Related to Yeezy by Sarah Ehsan

Every few weeks, my sister will update us on the status of Kanye West AKA Yeezy. Here’s the first installment…

2014 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Day 2

Kanye West’s foot has been firmly planted in his mouth for much of 2015 thus far, so
it’s been easy to forget he’s still making and performing music. West will be a
headlining act for this year’s Glastonbury Festival, announced yesterday’s tweet
from the festival’s official Twitter account.
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Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’

Have you seen the completely adorable trailer for Disney Pixar’s upcoming new release, Inside Out? The newest Pixar film pairs an amazing voice cast with a completely brilliant concept: figuring out what going on in everyone’s head! (Frankly, this film makes me want to go into the writers’ room at Pixar to see what’s happen in their heads!)

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