I’m back (and some vacation pictures)!

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I’ve been in India for a whopping ten days! I feel like I’ve been in a pop culture black hole, so I’m excited to catch up on all my missed TV and to share my vacation reading with you guys. I’d like to first issue a major thanks to Tessa for posting in my absence (did you see that Full House is coming back?!), and for continuing to contribute to Bite Size.

The blog will be back to regularly scheduled posting next week, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from my trip (if you’re interested)…

IMG_4619_2We started our trip in beautiful Bangalore! Bangalore is in south India, and we spent three days here for my cousin’s wedding. It’s really beautiful, and the weather was amazing. We stayed at a fancy hotel that served dosas, sambhar and idly every. single. day. Heaven.
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Here are a few things to check out this weekend:

Passion Pit released a new album on Tuesday called Kindred. It’s available for purchase on iTunes or you can stream it on Spotify.

If you need a little more bluesy-rock in your life then Alabama Shakes also released a new album on Tuesday. It’s called Sound & Color and it’s available for purchase on iTunes and streaming on Spotify.

Age of Adaline, starring the beautiful Blake Lively, comes out today.

Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer about his reported transition is on 20/20 tonight at 9:00 PM EST.

I just finished reading Ties that Bind, which is a collection of stories from NPR’s StoryCorps project.

The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards are this Sunday. Tyra Banks is hosting this year. I sincerely hope she live-tweets. Her tweets are gold.

I’ll be spending my weekend trying to finish a 30-day yoga challenge that I started over two months ago. Wish me luck!


Furious 7: All of the Action and All of the Feels


Here’s the deal… I am probably one of the most cautious people around (I didn’t earn the nickname Miss Safety for no reason) and I know almost nothing about cars (I once totaled my car and just bought the exact same make and model because I didn’t know what else to do), but for some reason I cannot get enough of the Fast and Furious film franchise. Seriously, it makes me so happy to see Vin Diesel’s Dominic Torreto get the team together for “one last ride.”

Furious 7 did not disappoint. It had all of the action, cars, explosions, and guns (and I’m not just talking about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s biceps) you’d expect and so much more. If you’ve seen any of the recent F&F movies you know one mission straight-through would be too easy for these guys and Furious 7 is no different. So, hopefully without giving away too many spoilers, here is a little of what you can expect:

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Gotta Get Down on Friday


Hi everyone!

I’m Tessa. You may remember me from Virtually Besties with Tessa B. where I profile some of my favorite YouTubers or from that time I forced you to look at pictures of my cat, Hazel. I’ll be keeping the blog in check and updating you if any pop culture emergencies happen while Fae is away.

First up, a look at some new releases and things to check out:

The second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released yesterday.

The Mowgli’s new album Kids in Love dropped this Tuesday. Did anyone catch them at the Old National Center last week?

If you need an Amy Poehler fix now that Parks & Rec is over (RIP), check out They Came Together available on Netflix today. Bonus: Paul Rudd plays Amy’s love interest.

I just started reading Going Off Script: How I Survived a Crazy Childhood, Cancer, and Clooney’s 32 On-Screen Rejections by Giuliana Rancic. I’m an E! News fan and I think it’s interesting to see how the person interviewing the celebrities can become a celebrity themselves.

If you haven’t heard, James Corden is the new host of The Late Late Show. This week he and Jennifer Hudson did some carpool karaoke.

Persepolis is one of my favorite graphic novels. There’s also an animated film based on the book if reading isn’t your thing.

As for my weekend, I’ll be running (but mostly walking) a 5K and celebrating my dad’s birthday!


What is TIDAL and should you get it?

Tidal Launch Event NYC #TIDALforALL

Last month, during an odd press event, Jay-Z, Beyonce and every other famous musicians who makes their living making music got on stage to talk to us about music, streaming and how they would revolutionize the way people listen to music. They introduced TIDAL, a music streaming service that, for $20 a month, will give you…music.

The motivation behind TIDAL was to protect small artists from streaming services like Spotify, that pays measly amounts back to artists in exchange for streaming their musk. TIDAL charges a monthly fee, but in exchange, users will be paying artists more while being able to stream music, download playlists to travel with and watch music videos. This seems like the ideal solution for artists who want to be paid for their art and consumers who want to listen to music cheaply. But is it really that simple?
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Going Clear takes down Scientology


When I first heard about the documentary Going Clear, I was intrigued largely because I’m an American, and we’re obsessed with celebrity. I know about Tom Cruise’s affiliation with the faith group, and I recalled that John Travolta claimed that Scientology cured his dyslexia.

I watched the stinging documentary last week, and was stunned by the sheer volume of allegations by defected members of the religion. When I read more about the doc, I found that the writer of the book on which Going Clear is based, Lawrence Wright, wasn’t initially in the business to eviscerate Scientology, but to create an unbiased understanding of the group. But what he got was much, much more than that.
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Happy Friday! 

Happy Friday, you guys! Here’s some stuff you might want to do over the weekend…

This week, I watched Life Partners on Netflix and loved it. Have you seen it?

Hillary Clinton might steal Selina Meyer’s makeup artist.

This amazing project makes Shakespeare’s sonnets into videos.

Rolling Stone officially retracted their story on the UVA rape case. Here’s a great article about why they did it, and why journalistic review matters.

Have you been waiting all your life for a biography of Ruth Bader Ginsburg? You can pre-order it on Amazon (it’s called Notorious R.B.G.!!!).