Now playing: Bleachers’ “Strange Desire”

bleachers I’m late to the game on Bleachers’ debut album “Strange Desire,” but I had the distinct pleasure of seeing them perform live this past weekend and knew that it was going to be a show that I talked about ad nauseum until people whacked me over the head.


Fronted by Jack Antonoff (of Steel Train and Fun. and of being Lena Dunham’s IRL boyfriend), Bleachers is the kind of band that you can’t not sing along to. The breakout hit of last summer, “I Wanna Get Better” came with a video directed by Lena Dunham, but I’m not sold that this is the best track on the album. The album is largely over the top without being cheesy–and the song “Like a River Runs” does exactly that. It’s an over the top anthem that is so earnest, so sweet that it’s impossible to see it as anything but beautiful, emotive music.

The album is filled with great production and wonderful synthesizers. Jack Antonoff has a great Morrissey-esque voice, and they have two drummers (like the Allman Brothers!). You can stream Strange Desire on Spotify, or buy it on iTunes.


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