I’m back (and some vacation pictures)!

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I’ve been in India for a whopping ten days! I feel like I’ve been in a pop culture black hole, so I’m excited to catch up on all my missed TV and to share my vacation reading with you guys. I’d like to first issue a major thanks to Tessa for posting in my absence (did you see that Full House is coming back?!), and for continuing to contribute to Bite Size.

The blog will be back to regularly scheduled posting next week, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from my trip (if you’re interested)…

IMG_4619_2We started our trip in beautiful Bangalore! Bangalore is in south India, and we spent three days here for my cousin’s wedding. It’s really beautiful, and the weather was amazing. We stayed at a fancy hotel that served dosas, sambhar and idly every. single. day. Heaven.


I got mehndi (or henna) on my hands! It was nice and bright for about five days or so. Now it’s fading.

IMG_4706Bangalore has super crazy traffic. Bikes, rickshaws, cars and pedestrians all share the same roads, so it’s a little hectic getting places.

IMG_4737_2This is a pipal tree. There are poems about this tree because it’s supposedly magical and it’s leaves have healing powers.

IMG_4774_2From Bangalore, we went to Patna. This is the house my mom grew up in!

IMG_4746_2IMG_4749_2Patna had all these tropical fruit trees! Mangoes and papayas raged, but there were guava trees, too! At my late grandfather’s house, there are so many mangoes that most are given to the poor in his name.

IMG_4757_2Vacation selfie!

IMG_4805Then I promptly got sick and had to go on a rigorous course of antibiotics. Boo. During my lie in, I made some gecko friends. (They lived in the house, and are a weird form of pest control.)

IMG_4827Final stop: Delhi! This is the Lotus Temple, the largest Bahai’i house of worship in the world! Amazing!

IMG_4840More Delhi…

IMG_4859Delhi is filled with these friendly dogs who will casually pose for a picture for tourists.

IMG_4858When I finally felt well enough to eat, I ate a ton of curries, tiramisu and ice cream. Here are Sarah and I reveling in my wellness!

IMG_4878_2Finally coming home! The flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Chicago was ROUGH. Here’s my dad catching me taking selfies, and Sarah sleeping.

It was such a great trip! I’m itching to get back out on a trip–any recommendations? Travel is always such a joy, and only makes you want to travel more!


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