How “Pitch Perfect 2” compared to its predecessor

In 2012, a nerdy little movie made its way into theaters, and exploded a cappella all over everyone. That little film was Pitch Perfect, and it was quite literally, perfect. The movie, starring Anna Kendrick (then known for co-starring with George Clooney in Up in the Air) and Rebel Wilson (of Bridesmaids), took a group of misfit girls at a fictional college and put them all together to form the Barden Bellas, a fiercely competitive a cappella group.

Last month, the sequel to the first Pitch Perfect was wide released with high expectations. The aptly named Pitch Perfect 2 was supposed to be the great sequel–but while funny and engaging, it still fell flat. Warning: if you have not seen Pitch Perfect 2 and don’t want spoilers, don’t read after the jump!
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“To Pimp a Butterfly”: Kendrick Lamar Turned Inside Out

to pimp a butterfly

I have something to confess: at first listen to Kendrick Lamar’s newest album To Pimp a Butterfly, I was half-paying attention. I was busy doing other things, and didn’t catch the beauty and nuances of this album. I recently re-listened to this album and found it more insightful than anything else I’ve listened to recently.
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The weekend is here!


Happy weekend, readers! What are you up to this (long) weekend? I’ll be visiting family and probably eating my weight in Indian food. Here’s some stuff to enjoy over the weekend…

People are buzzing about the trailer for Amy, the documentary about Amy Winehouse (RIP). Watch it here.

What did you think of the Bachelorette first impressions? (And how crazy is it that Ryan M. dated Nikki from the Juan Pablo season?!)

Definitely worth a read: feminist writers on their favorite and least favorite moments from Mad Men.

I watched the first few episodes of Netflix’s new original Grace & Frankie. I highly recommend it!

Finally, this week’s This American Life is so, so good.


CBS’s new “Supergirl” looks incredible–take a peek here

In the same vein as yesterday, I thought I’d carry out the superhero theme into the weekend. Have you guys seen the incredible new first look of the CBS show Supergirl? The show appears to have largely maintained the comic backstory of Supergirl, but I’m a little worried about the execution of the show.

Before I start, I want to be clear that I am really looking forward to watching this show. I want strong female characters on TV–not just strong personalities, but strong. This Supergirl can lift a car and fly? Cool.
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What did you think of the “Mad Men” finale?

Mad-Men-finaleIf you were on Twitter on Sunday night, chances are you probably noticed a ton of people posting about the #MadMenFinale. I was among this group: a devoted group of fanatics who sat around for eight years watching a quiet, thoughtful show about advertising.

The finale of Mad Men aired on AMC on Sunday to much fanfare. The ending of the show also marked the ending of a cultural phenomenon. Mad Men helped create a time where television is interesting and mindful. The finale carried this theme over with it.  Warning: if you are not caught up on the show, do not read below the jump!
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“The Mindy Project” might be saved by Hulu–but should it be?

mindy_projectIf you haven’t already heard, Fox’s “The Mindy Project”, starring Mindy Kaling and Chris Messina, was cancelled. The news was announced last week, to much disappointment but also a little hope.

Some fans are hoping that Hulu will pick up the show and produce it. This is a fairly new development, modeled after Yahoo who picked up Community after it was cancelled and Netflix who continued to produce Arrested Development (albeit, many years after it was cancelled). But should the show continue?

Let’s face it: The Mindy Project has been, at best, moderately funny and at worst, spotty and chaotic. The story lines are cliché and have become worse over time. The first season was by far my favorite, showing Mindy to be a ditz, but a smart, competent ditz with female friends and a flourishing love life. But soon enough, Mindy’s friends fell off the map, her job was basically nonexistent and the show revolved around her and Danny–for a while. Then, she left to open a fertility clinic in California, found out she was pregnant and came back to New York.

When the show was being threatened with cancellation, the writers threw every possible story in, hoping that something would stick. Pregnancy. Conflicts with the mother-in-law. Danny’s reluctance to get married. Season 3 ended with Mindy being pregnant and Danny making the “grand gesture” in true romcom style–he went to India to meet her parents.

I’m sad that I won’t get to see the end of this storyline. I was looking forward to actually meeting Mindy’s parents (and really wanted Anupam Kher to be her dad!), but I was not looking forward to seeing more of the sad jokes about Morgan being poor, more of Danny being a grumpy old curmudgeon who is skeptical about marriage, and watching Mindy and Danny raise a child doesn’t exactly sound like the kind of show I want to watch.

I’ll miss Mindy Kaling on television, and if Hulu picks The Mindy Project up, I’ll definitely watch. But I’m not convinced that this show needs to be continued.

What do you think about this cancellation? Disappointed? Relieved?

Orange is the New Black trailer brings it

With this kickass lady anthem, you can’t expect anything but the best from the new Orange is the New Black trailer. And it looks amazing.

Even though the trailer catches the viewer up on what exactly is happening in the series right now, the third season of the show will be completely Larry-free (thank goodness!). Instead, it looks like all the action will take place directly inside Litchfield.

Inmates doing creative things with disinfectant, engaging in camaraderie with an upturned mop and having cat fights in the shower is exactly what makes this show so great. Diablo Cody, thank you!

Orange is the New Black’s new season will be released on Netflix on June 12th–one month! Will you watch?

Why haven’t I watched “Friday Night Lights”?


I haven’t been posting a lot this week because…all I’m doing is bingeing on Friday Night Lights on Netflix! Why haven’t I ever watched this show?! I’ll tell you why: it’s because I think football is boring. I assumed a TV show about football would be just as boring as I find football.

I was wrong.

Friday Night Lights is less of a show about football and more about the people in Dillon, Texas. The show really captures what it’s like to be a teenager–like Matt’s awkward fumbling with Julie and the intensity of Lyla and Jason’s on-again, off-again relationship after his accident–but it also really captures what it’s like to be an adult. The stories are full of really tough decisions for the adults in the show. Tyra’s mother is one of the best examples–she kicks out her abusive boyfriend, but then really struggles with the decision that she made because she got used to having someone pay the bills and in general, take care of her.

I’ve just finished the first season–in, like, four days (woof!)–and am excited to keep watching. Mostly because of Tim Riggins because, I mean…


Are there any other old school gems that I’m missing because of my prejudice against sports? Tell me below!