Marvel maybe asking Ava DuVernay to direct next superhero film


Ava DuVernay, director of the Oscar winning film Selma, is rumored to be in talks with Marvel to direct a superhero film. If DuVernay actually ends up directing this time, she’ll be the first woman and African American to direct a film in the Marvel canon universe.

This news is following a letter from the ACLU requesting a federal investigation into Hollywood hiring practices. The letter alleges, in parts, that the “boys’ club” culture has intentionally kept female directors out of the running to direct big budget films, like this one.

This would be a big move for both Marvel and DuVernay. DuVernay, who has done lots of promotional and publicity work for films like The Help, Hairspray and oddly enough, Spider-Man 2, has only a few small budget directing gigs under her belt. Selma is her most well-known work–but that could change with this new job.

Inside information says that producers are very thoughtfully thinking of hiring a female director for Captain Marvel or an African American director to work on Black Panther. Since Captain Marvel is female and Black Panther is, well, black, it would seem that DuVernay would be the best choice for both of these films. The rumor mill is citing that Captain Marvel, due out on November 2018, is the most likely to hire DuVernay. Another rumor is that Black Panther is most likely to be snag her because of the earlier release date.

Either way, it’s a refreshing response to the ACLU’s letter. I’m looking forward to both these films.


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