Kanye Korner: Happy Birthday, Yeezy!

kanye time

Welcome back to Kanye Korner, where my sister Sarah writes about her favorite rapper/producer/nihilist, Kanye West. 

It’s a special day here at Kanye Corner: Kanye West turns 38 years old today!

In honor of 38 years of Ye gracing us with his presence, here are my birthday wishes (since I am qualified to make them on his behalf).

A baby sister for North. Yes, Kimye is expecting another little one. Logically you might want the new West to be boy since there are already plenty of girls in that family, but imagine the possibilities with another little girl! Her and North could wear little matching outfits and form a musical sister duo when they grow up! Also, boys drool.

A release date for the new album. We’ve gotten a couple of teaser tracks and even a name change, but so far nothing in the way of a release date for SWISH. Could this be another Beyoncé-style surprise drop? If so, will he also throw 17 impeccably choreographed music videos into the mix? Fingers crossed.

A Kimye biopic. Okay, so this one may just be a rumor so far. But it’s been floating around that Kanye and Kim are in talks to make a movie about their lives. Yes, I would pay to see it. Yes, I do hope Kim is played by Sofia Vergara and Kanye plays himself. Make fun all you want!

Happy birthday Kanye! Here’s to another 38 years.



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