Jurassic World is all running in heels and homages

jurassic world duo

It’s no secret that I’ve been itching to see the newest installation of the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World. Well, folks, I saw it and I must say, it did not disappoint.

Warning: spoilers below the jump!

I must start by rescinding my claim that Bryce Dallas Howard co-stars in this. She is the star, and Chris Pratt is the co-star. The character that transforms the most Howard’s character, Claire.

In the 22 years since the events of the first film, Jurassic Park is now Jurassic World, a glittering theme park complete with corporate sponsors for the various dinosaur attractions, including the newest exhibit, the Indominus rex. Doesn’t sound familiar? That’s because the Indominus is an invented creature, a Frankendino invented by the park scientists to attract more visitors.

The Indominus is a force to be reckoned with–a creature that is smarter than the usual species the trainers are used to working with. In the first few moments of her introduction, she camouflages herself to avoid being detected by the trainers and then promptly eats one.

Yes, this is a film about hubris. Like the first Jurassic Park, the film focuses on the devastating consequences of “playing God” and upsetting the natural order of the world. The same way that the punishment for simply bringing dinosaurs back from extinction was to be eaten by a Tyrannosaurus rex, the punishment for creating your own breed of super-dino is to be tormented by fierce Pterodactyls before being eaten by a Mosasaur (which is easily the best dinosaur in this movie–sorry Indominus).

Both Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard own their roles, though the “opposites attract” trope is boring, and easily the least interesting part of the film. Their characters are mostly one dimensional. She is a corporate shill who wants to make money and is filled with pride. Oh, did we mention she also doesn’t want to have kids and is always on a cell phone? And she wears heels the whole movie! While running! In dirt and grass and gravel! Chris Pratt, meanwhile, rides a motorcycle and is hot and right all the time. (RIP Andy Dwyer.)

And the bad guy? Surprise! It’s Vincent D’Onofrio! He wants to train dinosaurs to send them into combat (essentially, to replace the US military with Velociraptors). Can you guess what happens to him? (Hint: it’s bad!)

Overall, I really did enjoy this film. There are a number of homages to the first film, including the famous flare scene and this:

claire dearling

I mean…come on.

Jurassic World is showing in theaters now. It has a 71% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it is a thoroughly entertaining adventure.


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