‘Homeland’ season 5 teaser trailer AKA preachy Saul Berenson

Let’s kick off this week by watching a little Homeland teaser, and over analyzing it, shall we?

Season five of Homeland will start off with a time jump, which we discussed here. Carrie is now no longer working for the CIA, but that won’t stop Saul from calling her “naïve and stupid.” You can always count on Saul for a patronizing and demoralizing speech about your life choices that don’t mirror his own. Ok, Saul.

Saul does, however, ask the one question that I predict this upcoming season will spend most of its time trying to answer: “What are you atoning for?” Whatever Carrie is doing, it’s clear that she’s trying to make up for some of the choices she’s made in the past–like almost drowning her baby or being the Drone Queen when she was the station chief in Islamabad. There’s also the matter of losing Farah or not being more proactive in Quinn’s departure to Syria. The fact is that Carrie has been burdened with a lot, and Saul’s preachy tendencies aren’t going to help her come to terms with it.

What might help her come to terms with it is getting kidnapped. Yup, the teaser does indicate that Carrie is indeed kidnapped rather unceremoniously with a black bag over her head. But for what cause? And will that drive her back to the CIA, as she is wont to do?

Homeland is filming in Berlin right now, and will air back on Showtime this fall.


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