When will Taylor Swift grow up?

swift minaj feud

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard that Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift got into it on Twitter, and now everyone has picked a side. With the exception of Taylor’s pal Ed Sheeran, the side is pretty exclusively Nicki’s.

After the nominations for MTV’s Video Music Awards were announced, Nicki Minaj took to Twitter to vent her frustration about how theΒ deck is stacked against women of color in white-dominated media.

Taylor Swift, who is normally very composed on social media, immediately took offense since her music video for “Bad Blood” was nominated and filled with her model pals.

Phew. Ok, Taylor. We get it. You’re a feminist (even though you’ve said in the past that you’re not). But here’s the thing about Taylor Swift: she created the woman vs. woman problem when she called Nicki out. Prior to the immature tweet from T. Swift, Nicki was railing against the establishment. Taylor, unfortunately,Β is the establishment. Taylor could use her influence to actually enfranchise women of color, but instead took it deeply personally instead.

Here’s how Taylor could have been more gracious about this entire thing. Firstly, she should not have taken to social media to do it. Secondly, since she’s super expert on open letters, she could have written one about how the industry doesn’t reward black women the same way that it does white women. Finally, if she wins the award, she should have dedicated the award to Nicki Minaj and pushed MTV to be more inclusive and diverse in their picks.

Here’s why Taylor won’t do that: she is a corporate shill who works for herself and only herself.

But God bless her, she has some great tunes.

Edit: it appears that Taylor has apologized.

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