A few things…


I know content has been light lately, and I do have an explanation: I’m job hunting! Job hunting is more than a full-time job, so my focus has been pulled around quite a bit. I’m looking forward to landing a position soon, and resuming more regularly scheduled posts in the near future (fingers crossed!).

In the meantime, I have a few cool things to share. Check it out after the jump!

My recent obsession with actress Brie Larson led me to the trailer for the film Room. Based on the eponymous novel by Emma Donoghue, Room stars Larson as Ma, a mother with a five year-old son, Jack, who are held captive in a one-room shed for many years. Donoghue’s novel was based on the disturbing Fritzl case, and the film looks to be deeply promising: both hopeful and scary. Larson has, until this time, had wonderful supporting roles in films like The Spectacular Now, 21 Jump Street and more recently, Trainwreck. Her leading role in indie film Short Term 12 shows her brilliant range. Room will hit theaters this fall.

schumer and schumerSpeaking of Trainwreck, the brilliant Amy Schumer and her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer (NY) held a press conference yesterday on the topic of gun violence after a gunman shot and killed two women and injured at least 7 others in a movie theater that was showing Trainwreck. Both Schumers (who knew they were related?!) are planning to work together to gain media coverage over a very serious issue: firearm access. Amy Schumer’s impassioned speech yesterday brought me to tears. You can watch it here.

PCHH Reply_All_(Podcast)_Logo

I recently went on a road trip, and pretty exclusively listened to these two podcasts. Pop Culture Happy Hour has always been a staple in my podcast rotation, but they have really been churning out great content lately! The most recent episode, “Music, Movies and Music in Movies” is so enjoyable–get ready to hear the hosts sing and make fun of the Inception “music”. They’ve also started a batch of short, sports-related podcasts, for those of you interesting in sportsing.

Reply All is a fairly new addition to my usual podcast repertoire, but I’m loving it! The podcast, focusing on things happening on the Internet, is funny, informative and overall, entertaining! Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, the episodes range from very serious things happening on the Internet (listen to episode “The Fever”) to other, more lighthearted Internet happenings (“This Proves Everything” is focused on a One Direction fan conspiracy theory!). All podcasts are free, but Gimlet Media, the company that produces Reply All, offers a membership for listener perks!

Both Pop Culture Happy Hour and Reply All are available on Stitcher, my preferred podcasting app.


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