Your movie night troubles, solved

The other night, I was hanging out with my new roommates when they asked me a riddle. What takes one person 10 minutes to do, two people 20 minutes to do and 3 people 30 minutes to do?

I was stumped. I finally asked, “What?” Pick out a movie to watch.

September’s new releases are as wonderful as they are varied. You want comedy, romance, a little of both or something totally different? It’s all here, you guys. Check it out after the jump!


One of 2014’s best comedies is Dear White People, a scathing but hilarious commentary on race and how to talk to people about it because, let’s face it, it’s just the worst thing to talk about ever. Four black students are forced to confront their white peers and themselves after a white fraternity throws a racist party.

Rather than being heavy-handed about race, Dear White People uses humor to overcome the obviously awkward situation of having to explain why something is offensive to someone who doesn’t get it.

Dear White People is streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime! Watch it now!

age of adaline

I saw this move last spring with the full intention of covering it for the blog. Unfortunately, it fell by the wayside, but I finally found a reason to write about it! The Age of Adaline, starring Blake Lively, is on DVD and Blu-ray, for those of you who are into that kind of thing.

I was super skeptical about this movie because in it, Blake Lively plays Ellen Burstyn’s mother. Before you totally decide to give up on this blog, hang on! There’s a reason! The film is part sci-fi, part romance. Lively plays a woman who, after a mysterious car accident, is no longer able to age while everyone around her ages, including her own daughter.

Personally, I found the primary romance in this film to be kind of meh (except that Daario Naharis–I mean, Michiel Huisman!–is exceptionally nice to look at), but there’s a secondary romance between Blake Lively and Harrison Ford (stay with me!) that is fraught with complication, and the exposition at the beginning telling the story of Adaline is worth a watch.


I’ll be frank, I haven’t seen Rocky but since I just moved to Philadelphia, I figured I’d include this!

Rocky is a classic that just got a spot on Netflix! Get ready for some inspiring montages and some violence.

mortified nation

If you’re interested in laughing hysterically and then having an awesome conversation with your friends, Mortified Nation is the way to go. The documentary, based on the Mortified movement, showcases adults reading their childhood journals on stage, in front of an audience.

In all honesty, this documentary is honest and raw. Seeing other adults face their adolescent selves feels voyeuristic and you almost want to look away from the shame and embarrassment. But something keeps you watching, and I think it’s the way that you find yourself relating to your own adolescence. I went on a hunt for my journals after watching this, and reading parts of it aloud to my friends. Maybe you will too.


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