“The Mindy Project” goes to Hulu & defies all expectations


I know, I know–I was really really critical of The Mindy Project’s move to Hulu after being cancelled on Fox, so now it’s time for me to eat my words.

loved the newest episode of The Mindy Project. I thought it was smart, funny and totally appropriate for the major switch that they made. (If you haven’t seen the new episode, don’t read after the jump!)

In a 27-minute long homage to the wonderful film Sliding Doors, Mindy spend most of her time in an alternate universe where she’s married to Matt Sherman (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a producer on the Real Housewives franchise with multiple Emmys. (She also lives in a universe where the Real Housewives win Emmys.) Everything seems great, until she discovers that she’s in an open marriage with Handsome Matt and Danny is dating Frieda Pinto. In this reality, Mindy has to find Danny to set things right between them.

Meanwhile, Danny is in India with Mindy’s parents. He declines to reveal to them that he’s the father of Mindy’s baby, and they spend much of their time picking out a suitable spouse for Mindy, along with Morgan (who is also somehow in India?). Mindy’s parents, who are brilliantly cast, are completely wonderful and exactly what you’d expect them to  be: incredibly supportive and endlessly charming.

Like their strongest episodes, this one focuses on Mindy and Danny. Will Danny overcome his fear of marriage? Will Mindy realize that her life is better without Danny in it? They ask the big questions, and it’s so crucial to this series that it end the way it did: with a proposal. But unlike other films in this genre, this season still has 25 episodes left to see the aftermath of this proposal.

I’m really, really excited about this season, and this first episode is insanely promising. Some additional thoughts on the episode:

The shoutout to Rachel McAdams movies are so obvious in this film. The rainy kissing scene and the subsequent being hit by a bus are totally The Notebook and Mean Girls, all in one scene!

The choice of Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Handsome Matt is perfect and so appropriate for the romantic comedy theme this show goes for. 


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