Happy weekend!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger:

It’s (finally) the weekend! What are your plans? I’m planning on laying low while the Pope is in town!

Here’s a weekly round up of some stuff you may want to do this weekend…

I keep hearing about Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff, so I put it on request at the library! Have you read it or do you plan to?

Did you hear what the next season of Serial will cover? It’s so exciting!

The Muppets new TV show aired it’s first episode this week. Did you catch it? What did you think? Ratings are strong, but the reviews are bleak.

Sam Smith released his song for the upcoming James Bond feature, Spectre. You can listen to it here.

Finally, there’s been stuff on the news about Martin Shkreli, the hedge-fund manager turned pharmaceutical CEO, who bought the rights to a life-saving drug and then raised the price 5000%. But did you know he was an investor in a tiny record label, Collect Records, run by Thursday’s Geoff Rickly?


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