10 things to do instead of watching the Republican debate


If you’re not interested in watching the Republican debate tonight, but someone in your house is, I’m in the same grumpy boat. I fully support being engaged in democracy, don’t get me wrong! (I even wrote about the first Republican debate here.) This time around, I’m opting out. If you’re considering opting out, too, here’s a list of stuff to do that doesn’t have Donald Trump in it.

  1. Watch all the videos on Annamarie Tendler’s beauty blog series, The Other Side, and then try funky stuff with your makeup.
  2. Go for a jog and listen to a podcast episode. Here are three good ones: 1, 2, 3.
  3. See a movie by yourself. Creed is great, and still in theaters.
  4. Read a book! I’m re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince right now.
  5. Watch a holiday movie. My favorites are: Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story and Die Hard.
  6. Speaking of Die Hard, have you see the latest episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine?
  7. Here’s a list of all Golden Globes nominees. Haven’t seen Spy yet? Now’s the perfect time, and oh, also, it’s freakin’ hilarious.
  8. Make a fancy or unusual meal. (I like putting Chicken Tikka Masala in tortillas to make Tikka Tacos!)
  9. Catch up with a friend!
  10. Sleep. Sleep is a wonderful alternative to watching the GOP battle it out.

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