Some fun things because winter.

gemma correll

I’m going to be honest: in the winter, I get super down in the dumps. I eat a lot of terrible food, watch crappy TV and don’t really want to go out. The last few years, I’ve put together a plan to help myself manage the winter blues. There are so many fun things to read, watch, listen to and DO! Here are some things I’ve been doing to beat the blues (or at least make them a little better):

Listening to Serial! The every other week schedule is a downer, because I’m super into this story, but when it comes out on Thursday, I almost always am excited to listen to it on my commute.

Shopping. A lot. I know telling people to spend money is lame, but it makes me feel better. some recent purchases I’ve loved are my brand spankin’ new Bean Boots and this teeny gold ring. (The boots are a little pricey, but they come with a lifetime warranty!)

Cooking! I’m trying to make new recipes that are fairly healthy. I made pad thai in my new wok, this shepherd’s pie and this incredible Moroccan dish.

Yoga-ing. Some nights, I’m not feeling up to going for a run or going to the gym, so I’ll pop on the Yoga with Adriene YouTube channel. She. Is. Amazing. I’m doing the Yoga Camp videos. Sometimes I’ll do them after a run, or just one their own. It’s a bonus if you light pretty candles and play some soft music while you practice. It’s insanely relaxing and feels so good when you’re done.

Slowly watching Oscar movies. I know the Oscars are going through some controversy right now, but I still want to watch good movies! Last week, I saw Spotlight and last night, I saw Room. I loved them both–Brie Larson’s performance in Room is a truly incredible thing to behold. Anyone else watching Oscar movies before the big event?

Making plans! I’m trying my darndest to get together with friends lately. Since I’ve moved, I’ve made a handful of good friends that I’m trying to get together with. Philly is doing a restaurant week this January, so I’ll be partaking in that.

Listening to dumb music. Nothing makes me feel better than listening to Carly Rae Jepsen in the car.

What about you guys? Do you get the blues in the winter? What helps?

(The image above is by Gemma Correll, a wonderful illustrator. You can see more of her work here.)


Judging ‘The Bachelor’ contestants

the bachelor

Monday night, the 20th season of “The Bachelor” aired on ABC, and of course I sat down with a big bowl of ice cream and watched every embarrassing second of it. Half a country away, my sister did the same thing, and we spent the whole time snap-judging the contestants. Just a small example below:

sarah convo

Needless to say, this season premier was capital W Weird, but it seems to be an entertaining upcoming season. Continue reading