Samantha Bee’s late night show is magnificent


The first thing I noticed about Full Frontal with Samantha Bee was the lack of a desk. That’s when I knew I was going to like this show.

An alumna of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, Bee has earned a reputation for being a charming and opinionated correspondent with the penchant to calmly explain abortion rights, gay rights and racism to less-than-charming elected officials and other assorted idiots. When she left The Daily Show, she took her immense talent to TBS to develop her own late night show. Enter Full Frontal.

While I’m not digging the name of the show, I’m really digging the show. The lack of a desk provides the kind of dynamism that a show like this needs. This show has been very intentional about not having guests and being able to show creative content in the way that they want to.

In addition to the very unique set design and style, this show delivers one stinging joke after another. Using this election season as her primary joke fodder, Bee has thus far called Mitch McConnell a “chinless dildo”, Bernie Sanders a “human Che Guevara t-shirt” and Ted Cruz a “horse-shit salesman” with “stage four cancer of the personality.” She has turned her fierce brand of comedy onto other political figures as well, especially Kansas Senator Mitch Holmes. In a segment titled “Human Paperweight of the Month,” Bee takes aim at Senator Holmes’s recent draft of a dress code aimed solely at female staffers because men “already know how to look professional.” She says about Holmes:

You don’t get to regulate what other people wear to work. I mean, I wouldn’t try to regulate your finger-painted tie or your skeevy facial hair. And if I get distracted wondering whether that yellow stain around your mouth is whiskers or a lingering impression of a glory hole, that’s my problem, not yours.”

This is not your mom’s late night show.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee airs on TBS every Monday at 10:30.


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