Pixar’s ‘Coco’ inspires in spite of controversy

By now, you’ve probably heard about Coco, the delightful, music-filled feature film from Pixar. You’ve probably also red the news about John Lasseter, Pixar’s Chief Creative Officer, who recently took a leave of absence after mutliple allegations of unwanted touching and sexual harrassment at work. The news of Lasseter’s leave coincided with the release of Coco, Pixar’s first film about a real, human family. Lasseter’s leave combined with harsh criticism of Disney’s attempt to trademark the term “Dia de los Muertos” and Rashida Jones’ departure from a Pixar project because of unaddressed issues of racism and sexism gave the premiere of Coco a rocky start.

But Coco persevered despite Pixar’s big missteps.

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